Water Trading

Welcome to the home of the 2014 Water Symposium! This conference brings together international and New Zealand experts in the fields of hydrology, civil engineering, environmental science, meteorology and water policy. We have a well rounded group of speakers who are presenting at the conference which you’ll get a lot out of.

Please take a browse of the programme and contact us if you have something to present. There are five days of the conference with lots of water action packed into the week. Our presenters will give the latest information and developments in the water industry.

Key Developments in the Water Industry since 2014

  • Advanced meteorological forecasting
  • Climate forecasting
  • Water engineering structure design updates
  • New water engineering technologies: http://www.wet-fzc.com/
  • Water politics
  • Gaining community acceptance of water policies
  • Natural environment management
  • Managing rivers: https://therivermanagementblog.wordpress.com/
  • Irrigation efficient technologies
  • New sprinkler head designs
  • Water allocation framework design
  • Water trading: https://www.wbw.net.au/
  • Making ends meet
  • Financing water infrastructure and water use


There is so much to cover in the five day conference that I don’t think there is anything in water that you won’t be able to miss. We have experts from all fields to make the conference well rounded and helpful to all water industry professionals.

We have so many uses for water and it’s vital for human needs. There is extensive need for water in domestic supplies, industrial processes and irrigated agriculture. This last use is the most important because it’s on a scale that surpasses the others. Irrigation is the largest user of water on earth, so any efficiency gains from it have a large impact on our water use. Not only that, using less water saves the construction of more water engineering projects that are expensive and in areas which are harder to build in.

If you have any questions about the conference, please get in touch through the contact page.